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Today, I’d like to introduce, Santa Claus, a very close friend of Joseph Moore to my blog for a special interview.  He took time out of his very busy schedule to stop by my blog. Please share this interview with everyone you know. Santa would like to give away a signed paperback copy of Faith, Hope and Reindeer to one very special person who writes the best Santa letter on the Faith, Hope and Reindeer Facebook page.

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How long have you known Joseph Moore??
I have known Joe all of his life. He often trips and falls, but what I admire about him is he always gets up, dusts himself off and moves on. He is quite a character, but I love him, and he is an excellent writer.

Do you think he’s a Santa wannabe or is he your successor??
He always teases me saying the name Joe is an acronym for Jolly Old Elf, and so therefore he should be Santa Claus. I guess the best way to describe his role is he is like a war correspondent, he wears the uniform, but doesn’t carry a gun. He just reports on the events I tell him about. After watching me for some time now, I do not think he envies me as he might have once.

Why do you to continue making toys for all the kids around the world when a large majority shows no appreciation for it??
Well that is kind of a cynical question, and I hope you don’t really feel that way or think I do. The purpose of me giving gifts may not be as clear as it once was. It is not so kids will have another video game or iPod. It is so they realize that gifts make others feel good, and giving them makes you feel good. If people would only learn once more that giving your gifts to another is a special kind of sharing. There would be less violence in the world if we could just return to trying to make your friends and family feel valued again. It isn’t for the sake of the gift itself, it is a small way to say we care about you, therefore we want to show you that. It is not about anything more substantial than that. And maybe, just maybe, a child will learn to give back sometime and then relearn the true value and meaning of Christmas.
What do you do on your downtime??
Well, I have been working with Joe on a prequel to Faith, Hope & Reindeer. Seems the first book generated other questions about our history in the North Pole, so we are writing the history about my father, Father Christmas and how we became entangled with the people of the Pole, as I call it.
I also have started two websites (well actually Mrs. Claus started them, I just write the postings), one for parents that has nothing really to do with Santa Claus or Christmas. It offers advice and information to parents. That one is And the second website is geared more for younger folks with stories and explanations, and soon games and more. That one is Both of these are keeping me kind of busy along with all the other normal goings on at the Pole.

Who is your favorite reindeer??
Heather, my dear, do you wish to start a war? Ho, ho, HO! They get very jealous if compared to each other like that. I love them all from the very old (Donner and Blitzen – the twins), to the newer ones like Flash, Raindance, and Snowflake. We are very pleased to have four RN’s now, oh sorry, Red Noses, so we can rotate them through the years. I love them all, though some do give me more trouble than others.

What is your favorite book genre to read and why?
I read almost every genre as long as the story is good and the violence and sex are minimal. I must say that since I have been at history so long, I really like to read historical nonfiction and fiction. Many times we can learn where we are going by examining where we have been.

What is your favorite holiday song??
One thing Joe and I share quite well is our love for music. I am quite an audiophile and listen to all types and varieties from early classical to country to hip hop, though the last is probably my least favorite. As such, there are hundreds of holiday songs I love to hear all season long. But one of my favorites that always fills me up and leaves a tear in my eye is Josh Groban’s Believe.

How do you keep your elves from slacking off during production??
It is making them slack off that is the problem, not keeping them from it! Mrs. Claus and I have to organize games and events and make them relax a little bit. They are very industrious and would rather work than do anything else. Mrs. Claus is our CEO – Chief Elf Organizer, and she is continuously pushing them to rest and take a break, which they grudgingly do. Of course in January through March we all vacation and treat ourselves for another job well done.

What is your favorite holiday memory??
Mrs. Claus and I make an exact copy in miniature of the North Pole. Right down to the little Polar Times newspapers and miniature candy canes. We will spend weeks assembling this which is always one of the high points of the season when it’s unveiled. We have done this for many years now and the elves all try to sneak peeks during construction. I often need a little assistance on some sections, so some of my more specialized elves will get to see a part; well I think you get the idea. Anyway, it always makes for a wonderful holiday memory the building of it with my best friend and wife, and the unveiling and open house that follow.

If you could time travel, what time period would you go to and why??
I DO time travel! I use the time continuum a great deal, and I could not get my task done without it. While I do not necessarily visit other time periods when doing my rounds, it is how I stop, reverse or speed up time to accomplish all that I must. I will be explaining that in much greater detail in The North Pole Chronicles, which is the book Joe and I are working on now. I will tell you time travel is very tricky and dangerous. Wait until you read what happened to Aeon Millennium in the book and you’ll see what I mean.

And last but not least, what is your favorite cookie?? And do you prefer white or chocolate milk???
Ho, ho, HO! I love almost every kind of cookie imaginable. But my VERY favorite is the kind the kids and parents bake for me with their own hands! There is a special love that goes into them that makes them extra special. It is the love that makes them all delicious so I can’t not eat them all! And I love both types of milk, cocoa, and even coffee. Santa Claus loves variety!

Faith, Hope & Reindeer

It was thought to be a fantasy, a nonexistent place and a children’s fable. But for the Grady’s and many other families reality takes a sudden turn. They find themselves not only in place that wasn’t supposed to truly exist, but face to face with the legend and persona of Santa and Mary Claus and all the elves in the North Pole.

And not without reason or purpose. These intrepid souls have done good all their lives and have always lived an exemplary life. And Santa knows exactly what each of them needs and what would bring true joy to them and all the people they touch.

This book is much more then a novel about Christmas and Santa Claus. It is about families who have battled through life are in need of a booster shot of Faith. It is about each of us who struggle, but never dare to give up Hope. And of course it is about the North Pole and the goings on, down to the elves and Reindeer.

Faith, Hope & Reindeer is a touching and surprising story that answers many of the mysteries about how Nicholas XI (descendant of the original St. Nicholas of Myra) performs many of the magical feats he is credited. From how Santa determines who is naughty and nice, to how reindeer fly and many more secrets are revealed in this delightful tale of wonder and magic.

This heartwarming story will have you believing in the true spirit of Christmas, and Santa Claus, once more. Return again to a time when you knew it was all true and you believed.

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