Sunday, October 2, 2011

Glenn Gamble-Jim Money Blog Tour

Today's guest is Glenn Gamble, author of Bon Appetit. He's joining me for his Jim Money Blog Tour. He has decided to interview his main character Jim Money for his post today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Gambling is Addictive

Glenn Gamble, author of Bon Appetit, will interview Jim Money, the main character in the Jim Money book series.  Jim has an important message to send to readers about the gambling lifestyle—at least he thinks so anyway.

Glenn Gamble: What’s up Jim?
Jim Money: Fuck you Glenn!
Glenn: Easy, Jim.  It’s just an interview.
Jim:  Easy for you to say.  No one shoots at you, no one tries to stab you, and no one has a girlfriend as disgusting as Jessica.  All you have to do is sip those latte fucking things and type as much dangerous shit as you want me to do.  Fucking author!
Glenn: It’s not that simple Jim.
Jim: Neither is running a 24/7 operation.  Tell me Glenn, did you think to actually include a period in your story where I actually get some sleep?
Glenn: I thought you came on Ms. Powers’ blog to tell your viewpoint on gambling.
Jim: It’s quite simple.  Don’t fucking gamble.  Tell your children not to gamble, its bad for you man.  How do you think I got associated with this Glenn Gamble schmuck.
Glenn: I resent that.
Jim: I resent you exploiting me.
Glenn: Exploiting you?  You’re the main character.  The star of the book.
Jim: You’re nothing but a literary character pimp.  Got me ducking bullets and dealing with Carla’s crazy ass for just $2.99 per book.  You could at least charge $10, which is the same price as a movie ticket.
Glenn: Movies tickets are grossly overpriced, and yes I should charge $10, but do you need to hog all the money Jim.
Jim: How else will I pay off my gambling debts?
Glenn: I told you that gambling is addictive.
Jim: No shit Glenn Gump.
Glenn: That’s Mr. Gamble to you sir!
Jim: Fuck you!

As you all can see in Jim’s profanity laced responses is that he’s delusional and doesn’t realize that I can kill him in any future editions.  I’d recommend that he become much nicer to me.

Glenn Gamble is the author of A Thousand Chances, Bon Appetit, Escape, On the Run, and James.  All of his books are available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook and Smashwords

He also encourages you to go to his website


  1. Good advice. You made him and you can also destroy him Glenn!

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