Guest Blog Policy

I have had many questions about my guest post policy. Here is a rundown of what I require for a guest post.

Your guest post must be book related as this is a book review/discussion blog. So whatever topic you would like to cover, feel free. If you have another topic that isn't book related, send me an email and we can discuss it. Sometimes, I like to jazz up my blog and that could be a way to do it.

There is no word count restrictions. Feel free to write what you feel.

I do book giveaways on guest posts if the author hasn't already did an interview with me. The author will generally give away 1-5 e copies with the giveaway. Sometimes they will give away an e copy to all commenters. That is the author's discretion.

With your guest post response, please send me the following information to allow for smooth posting.

Book cover jpeg
Author bio and picture if available.
Website links
Social Media links
Amazon buy links.

If you have any other questions, please email me at earthsbooknook at gmail dot com.