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I’m pleased to introduce Áine Massie to my little place on the web. She is author of Blood’s Voice and the forthcoming Blood Bound. It was an honor to share her insights with you the reader. She is having a giveaway of her books in conjunction with her official blog tour.GIVEAWAY ENDED 10/31/11

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Áine Massie Interview

Áine P Massie is originally from Florida, she now lives in Wisconsin where she works on her House Millar series full time while raising four children (the term herding cats comes to mind). Her major in College was Childhood Education (0-5) with a minor study in Deaf Culture/ASL. She is also a Wiccan priestess dedicated to the gods, family, and love.

A life-long reader, Áine has always had a particular fascination with vampires, mythology, and the unusual. When she can escape from her children and books, she enjoys .. oh yes, reading, playing, ritual, a good cappuccino, and working with her healing stones.

Her first published work came in high school where she was part of a writing and drama group. But, she’s been reading the likes of Shakespeare and Poe since late elementary school and enjoys most forms of fiction. Blood’s Voice has been a long time in coming and with its publication (June 2011) Áine embarked on a new chapter in her life.

Blood’s Voice

Anya Millar had no memory of her life or an instruction manual on how to navigate the insane world of humans, biting, and reality. Instead, Anya has had to learn to navigate the world of love, life, and sanity while avoiding those that would see her dead or enslaved.

This is the ongoing journey of Anya and Nicholas, human loving vampires and the human they love, Declán. What makes it all more complicated is that they are abominations in their own world and Declán is a natural born vampire hunter called a Guardian.

Anya must come to terms with who she is and her missing past, Nicholas must win back the object of his eternal love while dealing with new cravings in his silent heart, and Declán must learn to destroy the very creatures that he has unequivocally given his heart and blood.

Did you always want to be a writer? If so, what medium did you choose to starting writing? Was it Poetry, Short Stories, Novellas, Novels??

I have always written, especially in school.  I wrote a lot of poetry and short stories at that point.  A lot of it was the release feelings or to explore my own thoughts more. 
“Blood’s Voice” was my first novel length work.

What was the inspiration for your book, Blood Voice?

Anya started out as a crazy idea for a game, RPG, that I was preparing for.  I bounced the idea off a couple of friends and with their encouragement I started writing.  I didn’t set out to write a full length novel nor did I base the story off of something else per se.  I’m sure it has similarities at times to other things I watched or read but it was never deliberate.

What is your favorite genre to read and why?

Paranormal, preferably with a romantic flair to it.  I just love reading about non-humans, esp vampires, were’s, fae, winged humanoids, and mere-kin.  Don’t know the specific reason I just always have.  I do and have read books where all the people were normals but I just don’t (in most cases, there are a few exceptions ;) ) get into them as much.

Do you prefer to be indie published, self-published, or traditional published?? Why?

I publish through my own label, Geas Publishing.  I wouldn’t mind being more traditionally pub’d but I’m not stressing it either way.  I have complete creative control like this, which I like!  Trad Pub would provide a lot of things I can’t do myself, or at least don’t know how to yet, but I chose to publish myself for “Blood’s Voice” and “Blood Bound” instead of waiting years as so many authors are forced to do.

Did you ever experience a major life changing event? If so, did that impact your writing at all?

I have experienced a few events that would fall into that classification, both good and bad.  I think the two that most had impact in how I perceived the world for use in my books would be finding someone that could look past my flaws and broken issues and love me as I was/am and the loss of half my pregnancies.
Anya is broken in some ways and struggles to deal with her ‘issues’ while striving for connections even though she’s a vampire with little memory of her life... and none she wants.  I didn’t suffer the things Anya has but the principle is the same.  Loss, pain, struggling to find within the confidence and strength of self.

If you could be a book genre, which one would you choose and why?

I’d be what I write, only without the torture, lol.  As I stated before, I love paranormal things so that’s what I’d chose to be. :)

Name a song(s) that define(s) you as a writer.

Oh, hard one... hum...  Dirt Room by Blue October I think would be good.  I know it’s a weird choice but if you look at my main character it makes sense, at least to me. ;)

If the world was on the edge of extinction, how would you survive??

I have absolutely no clue, lol.  A survivalist I am not.  If the world in question was my own creation I’d seek the help of the House Millar, gladly offering my neck in exchange for surviving. ;)

What advice would you give to other aspiring writers like myself??

Never give up.  There are many that would disregard or belittle works for many reasons... never listen.  Some of the greatest writers have suffered the same, the lesson I took from one of my favs as a child is that perseverance is key. 
That doesn’t mean don’t listen to constructive criticism, but not to let the opinions of others stop you!

What other projects do you have on the horizon??

Write now I’m working on the third book in the series, “Glamour Blade.”  Yes, it’s spelled correctly, it’s just not American English, lol.  It is written from the point of view of Rory, a fae warrior and seer.  A few characters will feature in the book but while much about Anya will be revealed, she is not the focus. 
She will be in book four though, so don’t fear I’m leaving her behind.

Tell us about 5 books that changed your life in some way??

Dracula, the Stand, the Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe, the Canterbury Tales, and (don’t laugh) the Cat in the Hat.

If you could time travel, what time period would you go to and why??

Ancient Ireland.  I love so much of the history and would love to visit it first hand.  It would have to be pre-church take over though... I want to go when women were warriors and equals. 

And a fun one, what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?

Find my loyal fanged ones to protect me from the nasty brain eating hoards.  Let’s see... terrorized and eventually killed by zombies or red on by the sexy undead.... no-brainer here :D

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Thanks for doing the interview!!!

Thank you for having me.  It’s been a pleasure and an honor.

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