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The GrimoIRE Chronicles:
Veil Between Worlds by Sally Dubats

Seventeen-year-old Cassie leaves school for home one afternoon and encounters a beautiful boy with an enchanting voice who steals her life force then makes her forget the attack ever happened. For other girls the memory loss would be the end of the story, but Cassie is Wiccan and she uses her intelligence and authentic witchcraft to remember the truth. Her spell sets in motion a dangerous mind-blowing adventure that takes her to another dimension, the astral plane, where anything is possible and a perilous romance with Trenton blossoms. Cassie learns that Trenton is a Siren. Ruthless, deadly and elegant, the Sirens are an evolved species, a combination of the Muses, the Graces, and the Undead. They have influenced human art, music, and dance through the ages -- with a price, and Trenton’s family is renovating a decaying resort to open a school for teens gifted in the arts. A dangerous love triangle develops between Trenton, his intended Siren Match Iris, and his true Match Cassie, turning Cassie’s world upside down. Halloween looms and the veil between worlds thins. Stereotypes break down when friends come to Cassie’s aid, and she must delve deeper into her knowledge of witchcraft to discover the High Priestess within. The tale culminates at midnight on Halloween in a desperate astral battle to save each other from Iris’s fury or be trapped on the astral plane forever.

My thoughts:

This is a brilliant foray into paranormal romance and Wiccan practices. This stunning beautiful masterpiece drew me in from the first page as the book touched on many aspects of my solitary Pagan path. The author is a practicing Wiccan; her book introduced the reader into the different facets of the Wicca religion. Basic concepts were touched upon in the beginning of the book, weaving the Wiccan element with romance masterfully. It was a refresher on some of my own practices so I enjoyed it immensely. Some of the things that were shared in the book were astral travel, tarot cards, spell crafting, Book of Shadows, the God and Goddess, reincarnation, and Summerland. It’s almost like you are actually reading a Book of Shadows in the beginning.
The average reader may be put off at first with the alternative religion references but if they have an open mind, they will thoroughly enjoy the flow of the book.  As the story continues, you find yourself really rooting for Trenton and Cassie’s budding romance and feeling pity for the villainess.
This is granted a 5 fairy rating for the blend of romance, Wiccan practices, and paranormal. I am highly anticipating the next book in the series.

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  1. This book sounds great! I like that you mentioned people should have an open mind when reading it- so true with many books! I think the girl's eyes are intriguing on the cover.



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