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Most princesses like the royal treatment. Shyra's always been a bit different. The kingdom of Sorenia has never known what to do with her. But, when her nation is threatened by an impending war, she takes matters into her own hands. Shyra's journey takes her across the world of Darium to places most never knew existed. Along with lifelong friends and even former enemies, Shyra sets off in search of a legendary relic called the Desa Stone, said to have the power to control time itself -- their only hope for stopping the coming war.
My thoughts
The Stone of Time-Chronicles of Shyra Book 1 was an absolute pleasure to read. Epic fantasy has always enchanted me. I had high expectations for this book and I wasn't disappointed. The daunting task of creating a world like Sorenia and Desia amazes and humbles me as I write my first fantasy novel and I applaud Joe Naff. Traveling with Shyra and her companions on their journey was a wonderful escape from the chaos in my life right now.

Shyra is a headstrong princess of the kingdom of Sorenia who wants a great adventure. Little does she know, she will get that and more as the story enfolds. She becomes a chosen champion whose destiny is to save and change her kingdom as well as the kingdom of Desia. Along the way, she gathers a band of travelers who help her on her quest to find the Desia Stone, the means to complete her destiny. She finds herself making amends for the hatred that her ancestors have caused. It's a classic tale of good and evil. Black and white ends up blurring into gray.

Joe combines spiritual elements in the story as well and it all meshes together into a monumental masterpiece. These elements were a bonus as I follow an alternative spiritual path and I really connected with the theme of the story. The message becomes clear as you near the end of the book and parts of the truth are shown to you.

Joe's world building was phenomenal and the descriptions and characters pulled me and thrust me into their journey. It made me feel that I could accomplish the impossible right beside them.

5 fairies are given for the amazing world creation and the spiritual message of the book.

I would recommend this for readers of epic fantasy. This book falls in line with some other epic fantasy greats such as Terry Goodkind, Tad Williams, Terry Brooks and last but not least Tolkien.


Joseph Eakin Naff was born May 14, 1984 in Johnson City, Tennessee to George and Susan Naff. Since the age of eight he has called western North Carolina home. Joe grew up in Boone, North Carolina where he attended Appalachian State University. He graduated in the fall of 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After marrying his college sweetheart, Kim, Joe moved to Hickory, North Carolina where he currently resides. In October of 2010, Joe and Kim welcomed their first child, Damian Akira, into the world. Joe enjoys writing because he loves to bring stories to life. He loves using his imagination to share magical new worlds with readers.

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  1. Great review! Sounds like a fun read - I loved your description of Shyra. She sounds like my kind of princess.

  2. Wow I think I'll have to check the book out! I linked to this on my blog at: http://authorjess.blogspot.com/2011/08/whats-up-wednesday.html

  3. Ooh, sounds good. I LOVE epic fantasy, so your blog instantly attracted me. I am now following you. Thanks for the FANTASTIC review!


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