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Join Aynoit and I as we sit down and do an interview so that you can learn more about what makes her tick. She has generously offered to giveaway a copy of her book for one lucky commenter chosen by
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What influenced you to become a writer?
I’ve wanted to be a writer from a very young age. I always loved telling stories for people’s enjoyment.

What inspired you to do the book material that you chose in Wish I Would’ve?
I’m not sure what my inspiration was. I just had a story in my head that needed to get out and be told. It was like the main character was talking to me. Like she wanted her story to be told so she could help others.

How do you see your books that you write? in pictures, sentences, or inner monologues with your characters?
My books play out like movies in my head. I can see, touch, smell everything as it happens, which is not always a good thing, because my characters go through some very traumatic stuff!

What sensory items do you find that you use to help in your writing? Do
you listen to music?? If so, what is your play list for your novels?
You may find this hard to believe but while writing I Wish I Would’ve I listened to an old time radio show called The Great Gildersleeve. I don’t know why but it kept my creative juices flowing. When writing Sixty-7 I listened to lots of old school hip-hop from the eighties like Run DMC and The Beastie Boys and Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall and Thriller. There’s a scene in Sixty-7 when the main character (a young teen) goes to the Victory tour with his parents. I never got to see MJ live but would have loved it! I lived it through that scene.

If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?
Funny. I was just watching The Twilight Zone last night and the couple on there was given four wishes. They wished for $1 Million, but forgot they would have to pay taxes on it.

I would put money in a trust fund for my children, give money to a non-profit that supports survivors of domestic violence, buy a home and a new car.

What kind of advice do you want to share with your readers and or fellow writers? 
Follow your dreams. What ever it is that you want to do, do it!
 You may feel like you can’t do it, but you can. All of the power is in you.

I see from your website, you are a writer, poet, playwright. What medium do you find easier to write? 
It’s easiest for me to write stories. Poetry used to come to me easily when I was a teen and writing plays is fun, but it doesn’t flow like writing fiction does.

if you were on a deserted island and could bring 10 items to use, what would you bring and why??
  1. My husband for sex,
  2. my teen aged children to argue with,
  3. a pencil to write,
  4. a notepad to write the ideas on,
  5. A tent, to live in
  6. A fruit tree of some sort, to eat from
  7. a fishing rod, to catch fish
  8. a shovel, because I’m sure I will have to dig at some point
  9. A large roll of fabric, to make clothing, blankets and pillows
  10. A cellphone because I would need to talk to my extended family

What type of publishing do you prefer? Indie, self, or large press??
Tough question. Indie and self-publishing are great because the author has total control. But a large press seems to give authors validation. As of right now, I am totally happy being a self-published, indie author.

If you could have dinner with someone famous, alive or dead, who would you choose and why? 
Oprah. I would want to pick her brain and ask what gave her the drive to keep moving.

And another fun question, if you could live in any time-line, where would you live and why?? 
I would want to live right here, right now. It may not sound true but it is. I used to think I would want to live in simpler times, but after much thought, I realized I can make today, just as simple as the those times (and still have the luxury of the internet, cellphones and electricity).


  1. Too many women--and men--have kept domestic violence unspeakable. If your book helps people to talk about it - - especially if it has happened to them, I think women -- and men -- would be quicker to get away from it because of the support of others around them who abhor even the thought of it.

  2. I have suffered through domestic violence and abuse and I find that it helps me a lot to read stories of others who live through it, fiction and nonfiction. Anything that gets the word out helps the victims, believe me.
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  3. I have to read this book, I filled out the form, what an awesome interview. I have also suffered from domestic violence and although more mental than physical it was just as bad, i found writing a journal helped me alot and reading, reading took my mind away from what I really was going through most times. Its hard to speak about it and I hope your book helps others. Congrats I will absolutely love to read it. :)


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