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Sleigh Read Tour 2012 Guest Post Stop-Mari Farthing

Greetings beautiful readers, today I’m welcoming Mari Farthing to my blog for a Guest Post. She is the author of Midnight Troll in the SOMETHING WICKED: SHORT STORIES anthology. Sit back and grab a drink from the bar.



Buzz Books Sleigh Read

I love winter. I love when the air gets that snow smell in it, when you just know that it's going to happen sooner rather than later. Cold weather moves my blood, rejuvenates me. I grew up in the northern state of Wisconsin and I've always loved winter. But there's nothing like a still, cold night to make you feel alone … but not quite alone … maybe alone but … watched? Those still winter nights, when the wind isn't blowing and the stars are shining bright because the cold just seems to amplify them, it's easy to feel like there's some strange crackle in the air, something a little creepy perhaps, just out of reach.

Like, you know when you're a homeless teenager and your whole family has been murdered by trolls (yes, trolls) and you've found out that you're part of a family who has a long history of hunting trolls (yes, hunting trolls) and you think you might have finally found someplace safe but you're starting to second guess yourself?

No? You've never felt that? Well, Rainey has. She's the troll hunter at the center of the story, MIDNIGHT TROLL, found in the Buzz Books SOMETHING WICKED anthology. After spending time on the street trying to avoid trouble, trouble lands at Rainey's feet. However, she also finds allies in Lauren and Dexter, who help her to realize her destiny as a troll hunter--and help her to find her family's true fate.

I know what you're thinking: why trolls? Well, I say why not? How many trolls have you read about that don't live under a bridge or something? I think trolls are truly an underserved supernatural species, and it was time for them to have their day. They're not really the heroes of the story, so I'm not entirely sure that the trolls would share the same opinion, but any publicity is good publicity, right? And I think the trolls are pretty excited about the publicity as they've been ignored and oppressed for far too long.


It was dark--really dark--on that street. I chose the car for that reason, thinking I could rest undetected, but being trapped never occurred to me. My skin crawled, just like it had all those nights in the doorways, just like it did in my dreams and I had that creepy feeling like something was watching me, something was not right.

SQWAK! The door I rested against just moments before ripped open and a thick voice yelled "Where is she!?" It sounded like the speaker was yelling through a mouthful of pudding. Gross. Whoever that pudding mouth was, he was looking for me. My heart began to thud.

"No!" another voice yelled. I felt the car rumble as it shook, more struggling and the sound of something loud skidding across the ground. I reached down when it thunked against my shoe and found a heavy length of chain. It would have to serve as my protection.

Rainey learned a lot about staying safe and during this holiday season, she likes to keep a low profile. She stocks up on books, snacks and plenty of water (you've got to stay hydrated and healthy if you're going to keep moving). And in celebration of winter and stocking up on books and reading, BUZZ BOOKS USA is sponsoring SLEIGH READ, where for a limited time you have the opportunity to purchase a Buzz title for yourself (including the afore-mentioned SOMETHING WICKED, perhaps) and then get a FREE second title to keep for yourself or gift to a friend. Just click [] for all the details.


Bio from Mari’s Amazon Page

Mari Hestekin is the pen name of editor Mari Farthing. She is a long-time lover of words and is thrilled to make her fiction debut with the short story "Midnight Troll" in the YA "Something Wicked" anthology (October 2012, Buzz Books).

When not writing stories that may or may not involve trolls, she spends her time editing stories, books and her children's school work. Mari is also a local parenting magazine editor. In her spare time she cooks, knits, runs and contributes to various and sundry blogs about things which matter to her, including (but not limited to) books, music, writing, editing, parenting, pop culture and general absurdity.

Mari lives, writes, edits and dances with impunity with her husband and two children, who supply no shortage of drama from which to pull stories.

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