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Join me today in welcoming AJ Scudiere to my blog for her blog tour stop for her book Phoenix. She has graciously written a guest post. Grab a seat and a virtual beverage as you read her post.

Phoenix Cover - Ruke


Jason Mondy’s world is unraveling.
His seemingly secure job as a fire fighter is suddenly thrown into chaos.
The bright spot in his week is that he rescued two children from a house fire,
but he returns home that night to find all his furniture is missing.
His girlfriend has left him without warning and his nightmares keep him from sleeping.
Even just a simple trip home to find some rest leads his adoptive mother to sit him down
and tell him that maybe his troubles aren’t quite as innocuous as they seem.
Then she divulges a secret she’s kept for over twenty-six years . . .
Jason has a brother he doesn’t remember existed.
He doesn’t remember his life before he was adopted at age seven.
He only knows that he was rescued from the fire that took his birth mother’s life.
But the story is deeper than that, and the foundation on which he built his world is now cracking.
The brother he doesn’t remember it out there somewhere, left behind.
Armed with only this stunning new piece of information,
Jason embarks on a quest to find the truths buried deep in his past.
As he searches, one by one the pieces of his life fall like dominoes.
And the more he uncovers, the more everything he thought he knew
about himself and his past
begins to turn to ash.
His truth isn’t true at all . . .


Guest Post for Earth’s Book Nook

Dreamgirls. And Guys. Mostly guys.

The AudioMovie is the next evolution of audiobook. Fed up with single readers trying to be both male and female? The answer: a full cast. Now you get distinct voices for distinct characters. The next step? A soundtrack. AudioMovies include sound effects and a score written just for the book. (No more readers trying to bark like a dog or sound like a storm.) The final piece is that all AudioMovies are unabridged. You’ll get the whole thing, no missing pieces, no sketchy plotting, everything the author intended.

Creating an AudioMovie means selecting a cast. While some of the voices will be audiobook readers, some will come from the Hollywood acting pool. So if I could assemble my dream cast for my fourth book Phoenix, who would I choose?

Thinking of only the actor’s voice can be problematic. We all love George Clooney—after all, he sells us beer and cars and espionage—but I don’t think you’d be able to listen to him and hear Jason, the main character of Phoenix, you’d hear George Clooney. So I’m not going there.

Thinking about Jason for a moment can help. He’s frustrated with his job. Though, he loves being a firefighter, a dramatic rescue has made him into the town hero, a role he definitely does not want to play. When nightmares of fire plague him, his mother reminds him of his own dramatic rescue as a child and she tells him of a brother he lost in that fire—a brother lost to memory and trauma. Who do I hear for Jason? James Marsters! You may know his British accent from Buffy, but he’s American. And he has just enough grit to his voice to sound like he would run into a burning building and that maybe he’s done it a few times before.

Clark is next. Clark is a reporter, disenfranchised from the newspaper scene; he’s moving his work online with the same steel spine he’s used to survive his life. He needs the next big story to stay afloat and Jason is it. Not only is Jason the current town golden boy, his missing brother could provide enough for a whole book. Ambition and secrets of his own are driving Clark to turn over every rock. Clark’s voice is smooth and trustworthy, like Timothy Olyphant. Olyphant has lots of movies to his credit, and more recently the FX series Justified. He’s equal parts solid and mysterious.

Southfield Fire Station #2. Yes, the fire station has a voice. An observer who hears and sees all within its walls, the station house would be read by John Lithgow. Able to carry sitcoms (Third Rock from the Sun) and serial killers (Trinity on Showtime’s Dexter), Lithgow has a voice that can be everything and anything.

Missy Wanstall is the only female firefighter in the house. She’s a woman in a man’s world—tough, determined and very competent. Missy struggles with being one of the guys, making her perfect with Emma Stone’s voice. It’s definitely feminine, but also gritty and a little off from the norm.

Phoenix will be the next AudioMovie made from an AJ book. Resonance, Vengeance and God’s Eye are already available on Audible and iTunes and feature stellar casts and amazing guest actors. Resonance will have you struggling to find the key to save humanity. Vengeance will make you want to help Sin and Lee escape their own crime scenes, and you’ll shiver when something steps up behind you in God’s Eye.

Biography of best-selling thriller

author A.J. Scudiere

It’s A.J.’s world. A strange place where patterns jump out and catch the eye, very
little is missed, and most of it can be recalled with a deep breath, it’s different from the
world the rest of us inhabit. But the rest of us can see it – when we read. In this world,
the smell of Florida takes three weeks to fully leave the senses and the air in Dallas is so
thick that the planes “sink” to the runways rather than actually landing.
For A.J., texture reigns supreme. Whether it’s air or blood or virus, it can be felt
and smelled. School is a privilege and two science degrees (a BA and MS) are mere pats
on the back compared to the prize of knowledge. Teaching is something done for fun
(and the illusion of a regular paycheck) and is rewarding at all levels, grade school
through college. No stranger to awards and national recognition for outstanding work as
a teacher, trainer and curriculum writer, like most true teachers, the real joy for A.J. is in
the “oh!” - the moment when the student sees the connection and it all makes sense.
A.J. has lived in Florida and Los Angeles among a handful of other places.
Recent whims have brought the dark writer to Tennessee, where home is a deceptively
normal looking neighborhood just outside Nashville.
Follow A.J. on Twitter: @ajscudiere
or at

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