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Hello wonderful readers of my blog~~~~~today I’m welcoming David Brown who is going to do a guest post for his Discover Fantasy Blog TourSmile


A World Apart - David M. Brown

David M. Brown


Fantasy but a Realistic Type of Fantasy

It wasn’t a difficult decision to choose the sci-fi/fantasy genre as the one I wanted my novels to be set in. I’ve always loved both, fantasy in particular, but although I have heroes such as Tolkien, Pratchett and Goodkind to look up to I never wanted to just try and be like them. If I was going to write fantasy I wanted to do it less my way but more in a different way.

If anyone asked me whether Elenchera would be a great place to take a holiday I would offer a resounding no in response. Like our world, Elenchera has many wonderful places, lands of scenic beauty, dense forests, snow-tipped mountains, crystalline lakes, golden fields and rolling hills, but those that live there find that life is very hard. I wanted a level of realism amidst that fantasy. Yes, you can procure and use magic in Elenchera but at a very severe price. Even gods that live in the early ages of history are not as omnipotent as they think they are. Elenchera has rules but I don’t want any loopholes that will leave the reader feeling cheated or that it was all too easy.

My aim in writing fantasy is to put the emphasis on the characters and push the world into the background. Each Elenchera novel will convey some of the world’s history, just a taster, but a reader’s main focus will be the characters and the many struggles they must overcome in search of the kind of lives they wish to lead.

Elenchera is a gritty place but it’s not designed to make readers miserable. I wanted a world which, while fantastical, mirrors our own in many ways. Life is undoubtedly hard for so many of us. Some fare better than others, while many struggle, but amidst those extremes are always inspirational stories and I wanted Elenchera to be the same. The individuals depicted here often come from ordinary backgrounds. They are not perfect. I don’t believe in characters without flaws and the ones in Elenchera are always striving to overcome their inhibitions but some are more successful than others. The stories I tell may not seem out of place in our world but they just happen to be in Elenchera.

Fantasy is a genre I feel most comfortable writing in but my love of history cannot help but infiltrate the pages of Elenchera novels. I was indebted to our own world history in building Elenchera across more than ten years. There are the same struggles for power here, times of war and peace, love, friendship, family and adventures for many of the characters. I want to give the reader characters they will love and hate, stories they can lose themselves in and reach out and show them that the fantasy genre is rich and varied. No longer is it about wizards and dragons.



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