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Today I’m welcoming Stephen Zimmer/Erin from the Fires in Eden Series.

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Character Interview of Erin, from the Fires in Eden Series

Hi Erin, sorry for bothering you in your dream, but I wanted to talk with you if that is okay.

You mean you want to talk to me and probably harangue me, like just about everybody is doing these days. Look, I don’t need any more advice or telling me what I should be doing. You can talk with me if you want, but I’ll cut it real short if you start acting like Lee or Gunther. Not dealing with lectures right now. I’ve got more than enough to think about.

No, I’m not here to judge, I just wanted to ask you about a few things. How are you doing right now?

Lousy. Is that clear enough? But at least we are going to be under the sky again. Fresh air, thank God. I hated being down in a big cave all the time where you can’t even tell day from night. It was driving me crazy. The blue light over everything was eerie. Everything seemed cool and damp. The Unguhur were downright weird, and I don’t even want to begin talking about what they like to eat.

You are a vegetarian, aren’t you? That would present some difficulties in the world of the Unguhur.

Yes, I am, and I have been for quite a while. It apparently was very amusing to Lee and Ryan after we met them here in this world. They probably got a kick out of it when I got sick on some berries. I have tried to stay the way I am here, but you have to survive too. But I can still be grossed out when I see things like giant spiders and bats being used for food, like the Unguhur hunters bring back. What they eat is absolutely disgusting. I couldn’t eat any of it if I wanted to. Bland mushrooms and a little fish were about it while I was down there.

You mention hunters. You were hunted yourself during your time in Ave, were you not?

Twice now. Once right when we got here. Yeah, a pretty rude greeting to this world for sure. Just after we found ourselves in this place some big flying monster attacked me and Lynn. We barely escaped it, and I think it ran into something worse, but it sure did make us wary about everything. Being almost eaten really lets you know you aren’t in Kansas anymore, if you know what I mean.

The other time we had a group of big, four-legged predators go after me and Ryan, when we were just wanting to talk a short walk in the woods. They were huge, and had longer heads, very aggressive. Gunther called them something like Hyaeds. We got out of that situation too, thankfully. (Voice lowers) I do feel really bad about one of Gunther’s Jaghuns dying then.

No, I don’t like being hunted, and it makes me even more convicted to be a vegetarian too.

What do you think of this world after being here for a little while?

I want to go back to my world. I want to hang out with my friends again, drink, listen to some music. I want to wake up in my own bed and live my own life. Is that asking too much? This place has pretty skies, but this isn’t living. This is just surviving. I’m sick of it already.

Gunther’s home was stuffy and uncomfortable. I’ll take air-conditioning and a queen sized mattress any day of the week. Get me out of here if you can!

I wish I could, but this is just your dream. Haven’t you gotten a little help from some, like Gunther?

You would bring him up, wouldn’t you! He’s incredibly rude, and let me tell you, he doesn’t smell too good either. He just think because he is a tough man he can boss us all around, I think. He’s really intimidated everyone, I think, but I’m not going to let him think that everything’s okay.

Didn’t he come to your aid at one point? With the Hyaeds you just mentioned. And before?

You would bring the latest incident up again. Yes, he did, when we tried to get a moment’s peace and a breath of fresh, cave-free air. It was just horrid luck that we ran into those beasts, and I am grateful that Gunther came. And I said I was sorry about the Jaghun, those creatures he keeps around him.

And he helped us when those things called Trogens, who were mounted on winged beasts, were trying to attack us. That’s when we met Gunther, when he helped fight them off.

Sure, he’s helped us more than once, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s obnoxious and just not a nice person to be around.

How is Lynn doing right now? She’s your best friend.

I still say she is, but she’s not doing me any favors lately. She’s really disappointed me a lot, to be honest with you. Seems she is taking the side of Lee more often, to the point that Ryan is the only one that seems to get where I am coming from now. I don’t know what’s getting into her, but she needs to remember who her friends are.

And Lee? Doesn’t he mean well?

He does. I think he sees himself as our leader, like he’s our uncle or something like that. Not a bad guy at all, I just don’t want to be patronized. He’s not some wilderness or survivalist expert. He’s just some guy who owned a Chinese restaurant who got stuck in this place with the rest of us. I’m not going to put him on a pedestal.

So where are you heading now?

Don’t know. I really have no idea. None of us do. All I can gather is that it is too dangerous to stay underground and that they don’t want us captured. It all makes me laugh that they think we are some kind of important people. If they saw how I lived back in my world they would change their view really quick. Me and Uli and the others getting stoned in the middle of the woods. Yeah, I’m really important (laughs).

But I’ve seen the dangers and I guess you should listen to the people that live in this world. So we’re heading deeper into the woods with a bunch of Saxans that survived a battle.

I hope you reach safety, and I wish you luck, Erin. I really hope you find your way back home too.

(low voice) That’s all I want, but it seems kind of impossible right now. Thank you for the good wishes, I really need all the luck I can get, it seems. I might sound mad at everyone, and I kind of am … except for maybe Ryan right now … but I will try to help the others as much as I can too. We all need to reach home.

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