Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ami Blackwelder Guest Blog Post

Today, I'm turning the blog over to Ami Blackwelder, author of She Speaks to Angels and The Mers. Please relax and enjoy her musings.

How do authors come up with ideas for writing?

        As a reader you must often wonder how us writers come up with our ideas for books. While I can’t speak for all authors, I can speak for me. I imagine most writers have similar processes, but this surely does not encompass every writer.
        Sometimes we are impassioned by political or social events and this leads us to form a seed of idea, a theme we want our story to have.
        Sometimes the story comes from the redundancy of story lines on TV and in books, and a simple desire to read or see something different.
        Sometimes the stories come to us in dreams.
        Where ever the initial spark, the story then must undergo a process of plot development and character development.
        When I wrote The Hunted of 2060 the character April came first. Her identity as an alien offspring with the ability to shape shift was the catalyst for her character. The story developed around her character.
        Yet when I wrote She Speaks to Angels, the story or plot lines came first and the characters grew out of the story. A story can be written anyway and it really depends on what you are comfortable with and how the story comes to you.
        Often story tellers say we are merely vessels, a medium in which a story unfolds itself. Perhaps the stories dwell in another realm, in another time and they reveal themselves so that the voices, the emotional truths, can be heard and witnessed and learned.
        Stories often speak to authors, and then so do characters. When I wrote The Day the Flowers Died, a romance set in 1930 Munich, Germany, I wrote the story because of the intense emotional dream I had which compelled me to write their story.
        Often writers use an outline and each scene might denote a chapter. But many writers veer off the outline  as the plot thickens and the characters develop a mind of their own. As a writer, you often have to be flexible enough to allow your characters free will so to speak.
        But many writers write without an outline, sometimes the story is in their head, or they develop the story as they write. It really boils down to what works best for you as a writer.
        I have always been a story teller and I love my readers, because they get to be the ones to hear my stories. I often try to cater to what they might like, but I stay true to my voice and my passions. When my passions and reader interests mingle, then I have done a good job.

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