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Today I'm welcoming author F.A. Hershey to my blog for her Swirls Blog Tour Stop. She has graciously offered 2 ecopies of her book Swirls to 2 lucky winners. Open internationally. Please fill out Rafflecopter form below for entry to win Swirls.

Swirls Blog Tour stop (16th Jan)
Procrastination is what a writer is made of. Well, I’m not purposefully generalising it, but it’s the truth and we all know it. There is always something blocking our way to the computer/journal/scrap paper like a wall made of steel. That can be the washing that needs doing, the post that needs sorting, organising the mess form the day before that’s piling up in a way that visitors are forbidden to step inside the house, then comes the dog happily wagging his tail and begging for some love or food (most of the time both). And those are just a few examples.
But when I finally manage to break that steel wall that held me away from my computer, it’s like stepping through a portal where I can happily walk around my own little world and interact with my characters, point them in the right direction and see my story unfolding before my eyes.
Pointing the characters in the right direction, however, does not mean they actually listen to me and do as I say. Gabriel, for instance, spend a lot of his time whispering in my ear that he would rather follow the same path as a certain girl that managed to steal his heart. It’s very difficult to ignore him, once he’s made up his mind, and unfortunate for me, he is not the only one who has a mind of his own.
Yoji is a tribe leader for a reason. Not everyone can cope with the responsibility of being a leader, but Yoji can. He is also very stubborn and can be quite bossy sometimes without even realising – it’s the leadership in him, I always say; he can’t help it -, but he is much more pliable than Gabriel. Yoji just wants the best for Julia.
Julia is a teenage girl. Need I say more? On top of that, she is trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she now lives in the Amazon forest with her parents, without dear Grandma to give her the proper support. But I took care of that. Halola is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Julia is very lucky to have such a fortress of a girl glued to her at all times.
You see, the problem is, there is no way to keep Julia out of trouble. It is out of my hands at this point. Trouble is the title of her destiny and even I can’t change that. Gabriel and I agree on that, which is the very reason he wants to follow her.
Do I hear the telephone ringing? Or was that the doorbell? Oh no, I was supposed to pay the rent last week! (I look at my empty mug and smudged journal page where I scribbled down a few of Gabriel’s plotting) I sigh and step out of my world for a little while. But I’ll be back, I always come back.
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