Sunday, July 31, 2011


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Sean Sweeney is one of my Book Junkie's Facebook Group buddies.
You can find him here His place on the web  or follow him on Twitter @SMSweeneyAuthor
Jaclyn is a kickass heroine in his books:

I will have his interview and giveaway up later this week:)


This refreshing perspective on the feminine hero was an exhilarating ride with a volatile mix of action and thrills. Agent Jaclyn Johnson is a stunning heroine who doesn't let her disabilities impede her activities as a CIA agent. She was born partially blind but can see shadows. At the age of 14, after her parents deaths in 9-11, the government took her under their wing and trained her to become a CIA agent and outfitted her with special Foster Grant glasses equipped with Heads Up Display (HUD) that enhances rather than hampers her duties as an agent.
I was quickly caught up in the intrigue of the storyline and impressed with the super spy gadgetry, which includes a loaded Porsche and specially outfitted I-Pad. I want those. The plot line was exceptional with lots of excitement from the start. Grant Chillings, the terrorist of the story made me worry about our country's safety if our bottled and natural water supply was tampered with. It made me think twice about drinking bottled water.

I'm highly anticipating reading the next installment of this explosive series.

I would recommend this book for readers who enjoy hold-onto-to-your-seat adventures with a lot of action and thrills. It also speaks to those who have a special place in their heart for kick ass heroine who overcome impossible odds to save the day.

5 fairies given for the electrifying ride into Agent Jaclyn Johnson's world.


  1. oh wow this sounds very cool, I will add this to my TBR pile, great post Earth.
    Sassy Sister Nattie. :)

  2. So glad to find Sean's book here, and to find your great site!


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