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Nicholas graciously took time for an interview on my blog today:) He is also giving away a copy of his urban fantasy book "Imperium". Stay tuned this week for a review on it:)

Answer this question, what would you do if you had godlike powers??

What inspired you to become a writer??
Terry Brooks’ WishSong of Shannara. I read that back when I was a kid and it really turned me on to writing.

What character(s) of your book(s) do you most relate to??
I think I relate to all of them on some level. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to write them. I can relate to Vincent because he’s always trying to do the right thing. I can relate to Megan because she’s always trying to be prepared. I can relate to Gearstripper because he likes tinkering.

How do you visualize your stories? By dreams? Inner monologue with your characters, dreams, etc.?
For some scenes, I’ll just stare at the wall while the events play out in my mind. For others, I’ll jump up and act certain things out to make sure I get the sensations right. For more complicated scenes, I’ll draw the action out on a piece of paper to keep track of where certain people are in relation to one another, and to make sure that my characters wouldn’t accidentally be killing one another through friendly fire.

What is your writing ritual? Music?? Silence? Meditation?
Things have to be quiet for me to write. Music or the TV can jolt me out of the zone too easily. I have a CD of a fan that I listen to while I’m writing to block out any background noise.

What inspired you to write Imperium?
I wanted to write a story about what would happen if someone began using very powerful paranormal creatures in medical experiments. I also wanted to write stories that gave explanations for some of the weird and bizarre occurrences in my native New England. Imperium was born out of that combination.

If you could be a book genre? Which one would you choose and why??
I would be a dessert cookbook. Everyone loves it when someone brings in a dessert, even when you hate yourself for eating them.

What knowledge do you want to share with aspiring authors like myself??
Never get less than 12 hours of sleep
Never play cards with a guy named after a city
Never go near a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body.

Oh wait, that was from Teen Wolf. Sorry. I think the main things to remember have already been said by people a lot more talented than me. Don’t give up. Write the best story you possibly can, and if you choose to self-publish, get your manuscript professionally edited.

if you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 things would you bring and why??
Fully loaded Kindle - gotta read.
Universal electronics solar charger - gotta keep the Kindle powered.
Swiss Army knife - We’ve all seen MacGyver
Duct Tape - See previous answer
Oh, and a fully equipped yacht - I’m all about finding loopholes. ;)

What other books do you have to write or be written in the horizon??
There are several more planned books in the Caulborn series, and I’m toying with the idea of one or two spinoff series. I also have a few short stories set in the Caulborn’s world which will be released later this year.
If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead? Who would it be and why??
Jack London. The man did everything and I’d love to hear about his adventures first hand.

If you could time travel, what time period would you go to and why??
I’d go back to May, 1939. That’s when Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics. I’d buy 20 or 30 copies of that comic and then come back to the present. Then I’d start selling them. Today, that 10 cent comic is worth over $400,000, so I’d be able to quit my day job, write full time and live quite nicely.

How do you write your books?? By the seat of your pants? Or is it plotted out in advance??
I land in the middle on this one. I outline a series of events that need to happen, but not necessarily all the details of those events. That helps me stay on track with what I need to write, but also gives me a good deal of freedom in how those events take place.

Here is a twist...10 words or less, what comes to your mind first??
Rainbow - Skittles
Moon - Werewolves
Fantasy - Best genre out there
Sanity - Lost this a long time ago
Panther - Right behind you!

Any other interesting tidbits you would like to share with your readers??
I once outran a Jeep
I once built a parade float in 18 hours (the day before the parade)
I can recite every line from Ghostbusters
Thanks for having me on your blog, Heather! :)
  1. Great interview !! Sounds like a great read !!


  2. Love the interview! Too many things I could do with god-like powers to pick just one!

  3. Great review. I love the answers! (and therefore the author)

  4. oh sorry - Godlike powers - I would keep all kids safe and happy

  5. If I had Godlike powers? Where to begin? Eliminate cancer, aids, alzheimer's, diabetes - all kinds of diseases. I'd also work on eliminating catastrophic weather situations.

  6. What a great interview, thanks for sharing.

  7. I would end world hunger and bring about world peace - that would be SO cool!!
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  8. Great interview, saw this book over on GR. Looks like it will be a great read


  9. I love this interview! I've got to read this!

  10. Thank you for the wonderful interview. If I had god like powers, I would hope that I also had the wisdom to make appropriate choices on how to use them. I would like to protect the innocent and help those in need :)

  11. With my God-like powers, I would change the world into a more comicbook-like place. I find the world dull and uninspiring. I think a color would make it more fun for everyone, or at least me.

    Ed Nemo

  12. Awesome interview! well if I got God like powers I'd like to share it with everybody but of course I know there's gonna be some consequences afterwards but I guess I'd take the risk act all normal at first save the world from now and then ^_^


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