Tuesday, May 8, 2012



Spring Fling Free Par-Tay
May 7th – 9th!
Celebrate the coming of Spring!!!
What can be better than great books at a great price?
How about Dozens of Great books that are FREE!
May 7th – 9th
Romances from sweet to HOT, Thrillers, Mysteries, Zombies and more!
All FREE at Amazon.com

Fantastic ebooks, many by award-winning and best-selling authors.

Let's Par-Tay!

Welcome to  Spring Fling Free Par-Tay,
A party for readers!

Go to our website to see all the great books and sign up to win a FREE Kindle!

Guest Post from Author Shaunda Kennedy Wenger (+ HUGE giveaway!)
Five Reasons that make Indie Authors a Good Catch (or at least, a good pie)

1.     20/20 Hindsight (flipped for a little 20/20 foresight
First, Indie Musicians. Next, Indie Filmmakers. Now, Indie Authors. Don’t miss out on what everyone is eating up!
2.       Price. Indie Authors don’t have a slew of middlemen lining up on payday wanting their piece of the pie. What does that mean for YOU? More pie. (Who doesn’t like pie?)
3.       Diversity. Banana crème. Lemon meringue. Chocolate pecan. There are plenty of pies (I mean, books) to choose from.
4.       Supporting grassroots economy. When readers buy from an Indie Artist, that receipt helps to directly support that artisan. Meals may be put on a table, little league fees may be paid, costs for publishing may be recovered, or another unique PIE may be made. Cool!
5.       Driving the trends. Taking part in an emerging trend can be personally rewarding and satisfying. Indie Authors represent the next group of brave pioneers, who are stepping into an arena that hasn’t yet been charted. Readers who take stride alongside them can be a part of a new era, where they can share their OWN discoveries of their favorite Indie Author Heroes. (Anyone who bakes good pie = #HERO.)

6.       I know! I’m one over! But I couldn’t let you go without rewarding you for reading this far. After all, there’s a Load of FREE GIVEAWAYS to talk about! A party, a.k.a., Spring Fling! May 7-9 at www.freepartay.com. Go on! You’re invited! All sorts of PIES will be served. Come hungry.
Shaunda usually blogs about writing, her books, and toodles-and-tidbits of other stuff at www.shaundawenger.blogspot.com (Yes, toodles is a word, because Indie Authors can do that.) Feel free to visit her there, but not before visiting www.freepartay.com first!

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