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So today's featured writer is my good friend Alisha Paige, bestselling Amazon author. Her books include:
Circle City, Lord of the Wolfen, Hourglass Witch,
Uncaged, Voodoo Moon,Nocturnally Vexed, Canyon Wolf Bride, and
Wooden Nickel.


I was happy to interview her as I'm curious to know what makes her create her worlds of wonder and romance.

What inspires you? Beauty in art, emotion, music, nature, simplicity

Why did you choose to write romance and erotica instead of other genres?
I also write Young Adult and Women’s Fiction.

If you could invent something, what would it be and why?
A remote control to shut up rude people who ruin all things beautiful because they are selfish, jealous and sad within their own lives.

What is your thoughts on indie versus traditional press??
The traditional press is dying. It is an outdated business model that rips off the author who does all the hard work. Indie writers have control over cover art, release date, price, creativity. EVERYTHING. And they make more money in the long run. Going indie means that the readers are the gatekeepers..not editors and agents. Going indie means choice and freedom for the reader as well as the author.

How do you see your books, are they shown to you in chapters, in pieces, or you just fly by the seat of your pants and go with the flow?
I'm a total pantster. I have no plan whatsoever when I write. I just do.

If you became a millionaire overnight, how would you spend your money?
I would buy a pink Hummer. Seriously. I would. Then a big ass house on a ranch with a barn and horses. And a vacation home in Tuscany on a winery. And a luxury apartment in New York City so I can sip coffee in cozy cafes, watch shows on Broadway and eat amazing Italian, Japanese and Vietnamese food.

Do you have inner conversations with your characters or are you just show pictures??
Uh..no. I write. Period. I don't cry when a book is finished. I don't miss my characters. I don't dream about them. I don't cry if I kill one of them. They aren't real. I made all of it up. All of it. Seriously though, there are some freaky authors out there who really should see a shrink.

What words of wisdom would you share with other aspiring authors like myself?
Read the genre you want to be published in. And for God's sake, if a successful published author helps you, listen to that person. That person was once in your shoes and feels your dream. Listen and learn from them. They are giving you a shortcut, helping you so you don't have to suffer through half as much as they did to get to where they are today. Saying..uh..I'll think about what you said really makes them not want to help another aspiring writer. Ever. But they will because they want to pay it forward. Get over yourself and listen. You aren't a rock star. Yet.

How do you overcome writer's block?
You don't. I'm not sure it exists. I think distraction does. Find out what is bugging the hell out of you, fix it and the writing will come. You can't focus when your mind is on personal drama.

If you could share a meal with a famous person who would it be and why?
Edgar Allan Poe because he is the grandfather of Gothic writing and because his life was so dark and depressing. I'd like to make him laugh.

She has also generously allowed a giveaway of her book Circle City, Lord of the Wolfen. To enter, you must leave a comment. Extra entries for GFC, Facebook, and Twitter. Leave a comment as well as fill out my form just in case something goes wrong with my form.


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